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'Lest we forget'

Since a young girl the respect of honoring those who served in the wars so that we could have a better future was instilled in me. My great grandfather served in the Boer War. I remember seeing the images in photographs that my grandparents had. My Grandfather did not serve in the War, he was an Engineer of Sick Kids in Toronto and then McMaster University. He was to stay behind to provide his services. He hired many that immigrated to Canada escaping the ruins of their homeland.

My Mom shared with me that she always felt bad that her father did not go over and serve when many of her school friends fathers did. So, my Mom while raising 7 kids on her own joined the reserves in the Medical Unit as a nurse. This was her way of giving back. Every year we would attend the ceremonies and to this day my husband and I do not miss it. We always get emotional and are filled with deep gratitude for what was and is being sacrificed for our freedom.

Last year I produced some poppy paintings that represented the soldiers and animals that served in the wars. With each sale of the paintings I donated to the SPCA and Legion in the location of my collector.

This year I have again created 3 paintings. I have titled these 'The Past', 'The Present' and 'The Future'. I will be donating to the SPCA and to the Legion again this year with each sale of the paintings. In each painting there are imagery where you see the soldiers and their companions that they bonded with. Animals continue to serve to this day. The Raven continues to this day to be a presence in the battlefields.

My wish is that we will one day learn that peace is possible and conflict can be resolved without bringing physical and mental harm to all that is living. We all share this Earth.

Thank-you for taking the time to read and if able show your respect and attend a service near you or on TV.


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