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About Terri Connelly  tewc

Hello, my name is Terri Connelly and I am a Canadian Interpretive Intentional Visual Artist. 

Born in the industrious City Hamilton, Ontario, I moved to the West Coast, where I instantly connected with the mountains, forests, streams, ocean and people.  Residing in beautiful North Vancouver, BC.

I work mainly in acrylic, enjoying the versatility, speed and colours I am able to achieve.  Interweaving water-colour and collage with bold brush strokes and mark making  to create movement and excitement.   


Many described me as an optimist that paints with a purpose to tell a story.   A story that I love my viewers and collectors to layer on their meaning, that deepens the conversation and sparks emotion.


Interpreting nature, animals, and the human connection that is influencing our beautiful earth.

I am one of seven siblings all with their own artistic talents in design, writing, engineering and education, Early years I considered a career in the art field. However, being practical and wanting a steady income I chose a corporate career. 

The corporate world I do not regret.  I worked in a position of leadership serving people.  It taught me so much about business acumen, communication, leadership and most importantly connecting with people.  This was by design, things happen for a reason, but we also make it happen. It has made me aware and appreciate people and what we have.


Art has always played a role in my life, originally on a part-time basis leading into my full-time profession.

Staying curious and humble to evolve with our ever changing environment that supports my creative work.  

I sign my work with my initials tewc for Terri Elizabeth Weaver Connelly recognizing my greatest family.

You can find me often on the trails , mountains or shores of beautiful BC connecting with nature and people, getting inspired to inspire while taking reference photographs for my next canvas. 

                                    "My canvas is my space to reflect on all that is great in our world."   

Stay connected with me, Sign up for my email News Letter.  I promise I will not bombard you with emails,  Just updates of what I am working on, or what upcoming shows I may be in.   See the form below. Love to add you to my list.

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