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Customers inspiring me so I can inspire them with a painting...

Living is passion, experiencing events in our lives that have a story that creates emotion is what I hope I bring to my clients.  Through my impressionistic brush and paint on canvas, and the images and conversations shared between us, my wish is my client experience the event they want to be recreated for their memories. ~ Terri Connelly  


Big Black Cat

Hides under the bed when company arrives. Really and truly this massive BIG Cat exists. When the owners are home he is watching Netflix with them on the couch.  Pastel and charcoal prep sketch for painting.


Rescued and if you were reincarnated you would want them to be your parents.



The face says it all.  Pure love all around in this family and the kids understanding the importance of Lego to their parents. JOY!

Whispering Aspen

The connection of trees and humans. Knowing who you are, understanding your strengths and connections that can be celebrated. 


Blue couches in heaven

Client asked if I would paint a portrait of her boyfriends dog that meant the world to him, the dogs name was Buddy and he passed away. Blue is a favorite colour and love for animals gave me the inspiration for this piece.

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