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I am in the Mastrius Gallery Art Show May 1st to May 15th!

My approach to this show was what flourishes around me. Everyday I am in the forest surrounded by the Ferns, Fungus and Crows. I created my paintings from photos I have taken while on my hikes. It is amazing the how the fungus forms, many looking like sculptures. I looked up the names of each fungus to have an understanding about the benefits that they provide to our ecosystem. Of course I always have a few or more crow followers and decided I would add a Crow in each piece. Crows certainly flourish along Lynn Creek and into our forest. I named him series Fun...Gus!

I hope you have the opportunity to drop into the show. There are works of art from 90 artists across North America.

If you are in early enough and chose to purchase you just might have your painting in time for Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mom's out there working hard to take care of their family. ❤️

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