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Perspectives on Being an Optimist

Hello to my friends, family, followers and collectors. It feels like I have been quiet on the outside but to tell you it has been really active on the inside. I have been working away in my elevated studio everyday this new year creating. I am working on two new series for this year so I would love for you to all stay close and watch for what will unfold. In addition of have been doing some commission work. My works have been landscapes, trees and animals...pets. If interested reach out to me via email I am booking for 2024. For those that I know I am offering installment payments if you want to discuss.

The real news I wanted to share with you today is I recently did an interview with a on-line magazine out of California. I am featured in this months issue 'Perspectives on Being an Optimist' please check it out at

Warm heart from me!

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