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Mastrius online Art Show CAPTURED MOMENTS July 26th - 28th

I am honored to be one of the 50 juried Artists selected from across Canada and the US to be in this amazing Art Show with featured artists Ardith Goodwin and Calvin Lai.

The approach I took to produce my body of work for this show was to capture our inner child and hold on to the innocence of unbiases. Stay curious and appreciate the beauty around us and celebrate the power of positive communication. Exaggerating the playfulness and humour that surrounds us through the eyes of a child.

I hope you will be able to sign up and dial into the show. If you sign up ahead of time you have a chance to win an original by Calvin Lai and you get a sneak peak at all the work before opening.

Here are my paintings that are in the show. All 14h x 11w on 1.5 depth " on canvas.

'Bearly enough Barbies'

'Better go in disguise'

'Seeing. listening, feeling'

'What isn't said'

'Whisper of the soul'

I hope you enjoy these paintings and the soft message that they are sending to keep us connected and communicating. ❤️

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