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Gallery Representation @Keith Jack Studio and Gallery, 21 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC

Sometimes things happen for a reason and paths align. In October 2022, Keith Jack Studio & Gallery, gave me the opportunity to have paintings on display for the North Shore Art Crawl. I was connected with the Studio via the North Shore Arts Council. Keith Jack is an award-winning Celtic inspired Jewellery Designer.

I continue to have my Celtic Tree series show cased in the beautiful studio at the foot of Lonsdale.

How perfect was this connection, my series of paintings are based on the Celtic Tree Astrology and Philosophy system developed by the Ancient Druid and Pagan beliefs of the earth and nature connected to humans.

I have always been inspired by nature and have a deep interest in understanding how we are all connected. At a young age hiking through the forests and fields I always had the feeling of being protected and also felt like I needed to protect. This was instilled in me from my Mother, Uncle, Aunt and Nana who have and had a great appreciation for plants, trees and life. Always teaching us kids the names of plants, trees and their purpose. It is in our blood and heritage and I find I continue to explore in the forest, trails and literature continuing to learn.

If you have not had a chance to visit Keith Jack Studio and Gallery yet...please pop in. New paintings are added with the most recent Enchanter-the Ash Tree. The narrative around this painting is I wanted to highlight the Inner Artistic characteristics of the Ash. The Ash is on the endangered list due to the emerald beetle. This painting shows natures tattoo, snake heads formed by the buds at the end of the branches-hence the name Enchanter, and the canopy of the leaves that grow up high and out are like a crown of inspiration.

If you are unable to visit the studio take a look under Gallery on my home page and click on to see the Celtic Tree Series. I would love to hear from you!

Enchanter-the Ash Tree Feb 18 - Mar 17th

Inner Artist, Imaginative, Inspirational

30h x 15 w x 1.5 deep inch acrylic on canvas $565 CND

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