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Love to inspire...

My inspiration to paint comes from my experiences with people, animals and and nature.  The passion I bring to my work is to create stories and emotions greater than my own, through bold brushstrokes, texture and my pallet of paint.

Growing up in the industrious City of Hamilton, Ontario allowed for imagination and curiosity.  I was encouraged at a young age by my artistic family and educators to nurture my talents.  After pursuing my post secondary studies I knew I needed to leave my comfort zone to grow so off I went, to the west coast, where I had an instant connection with the ocean, streams, mountains and people.

Pursuing a career in the corporate world where I thrived, expanding my understanding of people and business supported my growth.  Although my passion for painting was behind the scene it has and is in my heart.  Now I finally have the courage to be fully engaged and an emerging artist.


Life experiences and staying curious helps prepare each one of my canvases.  Akin to the feeling of wonderment while surrounded by nature residing in North Vancouver, British Columbia, the emotion I experience with each paintbrush stroke is joyful and humbling.  Acrylic is my primary medium as I enjoy the versatility and speed at which I can create an impression. 

Painting is my solitude, my white space to reflect and appreciate all that is great.  My wish is my next canvas is for you...

Education related to my craft:

  • Harland Izatt-Hamilton Continuing Education-Water colour

  • Sheridan Applied Arts and Technology-Illustration

  • North Vancouver Continuing studies-Fashion Illustration

  • BCIT-Interior Design

  • Capilano University-Digital Photography 


  • Shary Bartlett-Encaustic Beeswax, Capilano University

  • David Langevin -Dean Croft Studios

  • Perry Haddock-Dean Croft Studios

  • Ann Willsie-Dean Croft Studios

Member of the Mastrius Mentorship Community:

  • 2020-2021 mentorship with David Langevin-8 months

  • 2021 mentorship with Heather Pant-6 months

  • 2021-2022 mentorship with Anita McComas-6 months

  • 2022-currently working with Ardith Goodwin

CV:   Emerging...

  • North Van Anonymous Art Show 2022-sold out

  • Currently Celtic Tree Series on display at Keith Jack Studio & Gallery, North Van, BC

  • Paintings from my Come walk with me series on display Café Overflow, North Van, BC

  • painting "A Call for Help"-Last Door Recovery Centre-New Westminster, BC

  • Unequalled-painted clothing sold across Canada

  • Brushstrokes-Hand painted children clothing sold throughout Canada

  • Commissions in progress

                      More to come...


    Coast Mental Health-Courage to Comeback 

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